ECODYN 3 is a dynamic retro-reflectometer mounted on a vehicle which measures the quality of longitudinal road markings (edge lines, center lines). This equipment provides a metrological measurement of the coefficient of retro-reflected luminance of the road markings (night time visibility), i.e. the capacity of markings to send the light emitted by the vehicle headlamps towards the eyes of the driver. This measurement equipment provides the knowledge of the level of service of road markings for users (performances in use), especially in night time conditions. The periodical inspection of a road network helps creating maintenance indicators and strategies of road markings while optimizing the technical applicable solutions.

ECODYN 3 high yield equipment enables to perform traffic speed (even 130 km/h) measurements, with its own mounted temporary signage. Measurements are generally performed by day, thanks to a separation process between the day signal and the night signal. The equipment is designed to characterize the night visibility (retro reflectivity and contrast) and day visibility (contrast) of road markings with a single pass. Illumination angle equals 1.24° and observation angle equals 1.05°- starting on the illumination angle- or equals 2.29° -starting from the road.

Ecodyn 3 complies with the following standards:

European standard EN 1436 – Road Marking materials – Performance for road users

American standard ASTM E1710 – Standard Test Method for Measurement of Retroreflective Pavement Marking Materials with CEN-Prescribed Geometry Using a Portable Retroreflectometer


Metrological characteristics

  • Emission angle: 1,24°
  • Reception angle: 2,29°
  • Mean illumination distance: 6 m
  • Observed zone: 1 m

Mechanical and electrical characteristics

  • Carrier vehicle: air-conditioned minivan type (with rigid suspension).
  • Measurement box: W = 0,55 m ; L = 0,16 m ; H = 0,28 m
  • Power supply from the vehicle’s 12 V battery
  • Light source: LED, life-cycle: 50.000 h


Conditions of use and limitations 

  • Clean dry signing, free of salt traces
  • Weather conditions: dry weather, t° > 5°C
  • Speed 0 to 130 km/h
  • Fits in well with traffic, with no special protection, except on 2*2 highways (left-hand edge measurement)


  • Continuous measurement of day and night visibility of road signing, (increment ≈ 40 cm).
  • Results are given in the form of mean values per zones possessing a length defined by the operator (100 m, 500 m etc).
  • The measurement range lies between a few mcd/m².lx and approximately 2000mcd/m².lx.
  • Continuously recorded the pictures by the front camera with the resulotion 1920 x 1080 pixels