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Our company estabilished in 2005. Our mission is to be competitive on the market. In order to that we are developing our equipment park and systems continuously.

Primarily the main activities of the company is to carry out operation and maintenance labor on the national road network wich extend to the expressway and to the non expressway as well.

A key element of the operation and maintenance labor is the data collection. In order to monitor the deterioration processes, we use new type of equipments for measuring which perform cost-effective and automated measurements in a short time, with the lowest possible disruption to the traffic.

Mainly we carry out variety measurements using the latest technology to determine the road condition.

In the company life one of the most important measurement system is the RST (Road Surface Tester) wich we can measure different kind of pavement parameters such as the IRI (International Roughness Index), rutdepht, crossfall, road surface texture, etc.

For the bearing capacity measurements we use different kind of FWD (Falling weight deflection) devices and the Curviametro system.

To determine the skid resistance we use the English type SCRIM measurement system.

Beside to measure the road condition we also measure the visibility of the road markings with Ecodyn 3 and the retroreflectivity of the road sings too.

Additional we carry out engineering activities and expert tasks relate to design and construction works. Last, but not least we regularly write different feasibility studies for state oder.


  • Baross Gábor-award
  • Vásárhelyi Boldizsár-award

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  • Engineering activities,
  • Technical support


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